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An Unearthly Child (An Unearthly Child, Part One)
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Horror of Fang Rock, Part Two
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Horror of Fang Rock, Part Four
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Survival, Part Three
Horror of Fang Rock, Part Three
Season 15 - Episode 3
Horror of Fang Rock, Part Three

A death scream is heard, yet all are accounted for. Eventually the Doctor finds a body stashed away but hours old, with rigor mortis already settling in, which means there's a chameleon in their midst. Completely cut off from the rest of the world and with an escalating body count, the Doctor wonders just what, exactly, he's locked inside the lighthouse with them all.

Production Number: 4V
Aired On: Saturday 17th of September 1977 on BBC One ( GB )
Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA
Starring: TBA

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