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An Unearthly Child (An Unearthly Child, Part One)
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Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part One
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Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Three
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Survival, Part Three
Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Two
Season 11 - Episode 6
Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Two

The Doctor and Sarah returns to present-day Earth, where they find London has been evacuated, and Dinosaurs are on the loose and they are mistaken for looters. Assisting U.N.I.T in the emergency, The Doctor and Sarah discovers corrupt politician Sir Charles Grover MP, renegade scientists Butler and Professor Whitaker and military officer General Finch are using a time machine to bring the dinosaurs from the past to the present as part of they scheme to bring the human race back to a "Golden Age" before the world was polluted.

Production Number: WWW
Aired On: Saturday 19th of January 1974 on BBC One ( GB )
Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA
Starring: TBA

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