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Season 10 - Episode 7

In this final episode of 'Are You Being Served?' it appears as though Mr.Spooner will be sacked. But after a raving review by a local newspaper for his singing performance at the recent concert, a record company offers him a contract. Meanwhile, the whole staff eagerly awaits to be cast as back-up singers. The stars of the show end it in style with a musical performance to remember.

Production Number:
Aired On: Monday 1st of April 1985 on BBC-1 ( GB )
Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA
Starring: Doremy Vernon as Canteen Manageress
Nick Ross as TV Presenter
Keith Hodiak as Seymour
Charles Nicklin as TV Director
Suzy Aitchison as Susan
Mary Bradley as Cleaner
Joan Dainty as Cleaner


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