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Book Cover Highlanders: A History Of The Gaels
Written by John MacLeod
Published by Trafalgar Square
Paperback 324 pages 1998  

In this sweeping chronicle, award-winning journalist John Macleod offers an insider's view of the Scottish Highlands, from the Stone Age to the present day. In this illuminating, wonderfully readable study, John Macleod unfolds the history of the land and people of the Scottish Highlands. From Mesolithic man, through the Celts, the Vikings, and the Lords of the Isles to the Stuart monarch, Macleod examines the terrible events following Culloden and the forced emigrations, the Evangelical Movement, and the Crofter's War. Bringing the story right up to date, he looks at the current decline of the Gaels and the struggle of the Highland people to redefine themselves in a changing world.

Book Cover A History Of Scotland
Written by Bruce Lenman, Geoffrey Parker & J. D. MacKie
Published by Viking Press
Paperback -- pages 1992  

This book is written as more of a story of Scotland than a history. It gives an incredible overview of Scotland, and explains why those Scots who have become expats love their country despite all of the problems they have had (Highland clearances). For anyone who has been to Scotland this is a great way to learn so much about the country, and their courageous and proud people.

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