Zone Troopers
They Take War To A New Dimension.
( Sci-Fi / War )

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US Runtime: 86 min

Director: Danny Bilson
Writers: Danny Bilson
Paul De Meo
Cinematography: Mac Ahlberg
Edited by: Ted Nicolaou


Tim Thomerson
The Sarge
Timothy Van Patten
Art LaFleur
Biff Manard
Peter Boom
Col. Manheim
Anita Zagaria
Dream Girl
William Paulson
The Alien
Joshua McDonald
Zone Tropper Captain
Alviero Martin
The Fuhrer
Mike Manderville
SS Motorcyclist
John Leamer
The Lieutenant
Ole Jorgensen
SS Sentry
Achille Brugnini
SS Radioman
Eugene Brell
The Radioman

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