X-Men 2
The Time Has Come For Those Who Are Different To Stand United.
( Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller )

X-Men 2 Poster

Premiere Date:
Apr 24, 2003   [UK]
Director: Bryan Singer
Writers: John Byrne   [characters]
Bryan Singer
Zak Penn
Stan Lee   [comic book & characters]
Jack Kirby   [characters]
David Hayter
Michael Dougherty
Chris Claremont   [characters]
Music by John Ottman
Cinematography: Newton Thomas Sigel


Patrick Stewart
Professor Charles Xavier
Hugh Jackman
Ian McKellen
Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Halle Berry
Famke Janssen
Dr. Jean Grey
James Marsden
Scott Summers
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Mystique/Raven Darkholme
Brian Cox
William Stryker
Alan Cumming
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Bruce Davison
Senator Robert Kelly
Anna Paquin
Kelly Hu
Yuriko Oyama
Aaron Stanford
John Allerdyce/Pyro
Shawn Ashmore
Bobby Drake/Iceman
Katie Stuart
Kitty Pryde
Michael Reid MacKay
Jason 143
Keely Purvis
Little Girl 143
Kea Wong
Daniel Cudmore
Connor Widdows
Bryce Hodgson
Shauna Kain
Cotter Smith
President McKenna
Alf Humphreys
Steven Drake
Jill Teed
Mrs. Madeline Drake
James Kirk
Ronny Drake
Ty Olsson
Mitchell Laurio
Glen Curtis
Museum Teen #1
Greg Rikaart
Museum Teen #2
Mark Lukyn
Cop #1 (Lead Cop)
Kendall Cross
Cop #2
Michasha Armstrong
Plastic Prison Guard
Alfonso Quijada
Federal Building Cleaning Twin #1
Rene Quijada
Federal Building Cleaning Twin #2
Peter Wingfield
Stryker Soldier Lyman
Stephen Spender
Stryker Soldier Smith
Aaron Douglas
Stryker Soldier #1
Colin Lawrence
Stryker Soldier #2
Dylan Kussman
Stryker Soldier Wilkins
David Kaye
TV Host
Charles Siegel
Dr. Sebastian Shaw
Steve Bacic
Dr. Hank McCoy
Michael David Simms
Lead White House Agent
Roger R. Cross
Oval Office Agent Cartwright
David Fabrizio
Oval Office Agent Fabrizio
Michael Soltis
White House Checkpoint Agent
Chiara Zanni
White House Tour Guide
Ted Friend
News Reporter #1
Mi-Jung Lee
News Reporter #2
Marrett Green
News Reporter #3
Jill Krop
News Reporter #4
Nolan Funk
Captured X-Kid #1
Devin Douglas Drewitz
Captured X-Kid #2
Jermaine Lopez
Captured X-Kid #3
Sideah Alladice
Captured X-Kid #4
Jason Whitmer
Stryker Soldier
Aaron Pearl
Stryker Soldier
Brad Loree
Stryker at age 40
Sheri G. Feldman
Augmentation Room Doctor
Richard Bradshaw
Special Ops Agent
Kurt Max Runte
Chief of Staff Abrahams
Richard C. Burton
Loading Bay Stryker Soldier #1
Michael Joycelyn
Loading Bay Stryker Soldier #2
Benjamin Glenday
Jackie A. Greenbank
President McKenna's Secretary
Robert Hayley
Darren McGuire
Stryker Soldier (uncredited)
Jimmy Edwards
Stryker Soldier (uncredited)

Special Effects:

4-Ward Productions
forest wave sequence
Asylum VFX
main titles
Cinesite Inc.
CIS Hollywood
special visual effects
Frantic Films
FXSmith Inc.
special makeup effects
Grant McCune Design
Grant McCune Design
Hammerhead Productions
special visual effects
Kleiser-Walczak Digital Effects
Lidar Services Inc.
scanning and modeling
Pacific Title
special visual effects
Pixel Magic
special visual effects
Rhythm & Hues
Tanguay Technologies
additional visual effects
Visual Concept Engineering (VCE)
special visual effects
Whodoo EFX Inc.
digital compositing

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

$100,000,000 (USA)
Color Info:
Shooting Dates:
17 Jun 2002 - 06 Oct 2002

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