There are 1,500 active volcanoes that we know about...and one that we don't.
( Action / Drama / Thriller )

Volcano Poster

US Runtime: 104 min

Premiere Date:
Apr 25, 1997   [USA]
Director: Mick Jackson
Writer: Billy Ray   [screenplay]
Producers: Stokely Chaffin   [Co-Producer]
Martha R. Cotton
Andrew Z. Davis   [Producer]
Michael Fottrell   [Co-Producer]
Neal H. Moritz   [Producer]
Lauren Shuler Donner   [Executive Producer]
Scott Stuber   [Associate Producer]
Music by Alan Silvestri
Cinematography: Theo van de Sande
Edited by: Don Brochu
Michael Tronick
Production Companys: 20th Century Fox
Donner/Schuler-Donner Productions
Fox 2000 Pictures
Moritz Original


Tommy Lee Jones
Mike Roark
Anne Heche
Dr. Amy Barnes
Don Cheadle
Emmit Reese
Jacqueline Kim
Dr. Jaye Calder
Keith David
Police Lieutenant Ed Fox
John Corbett
Norman Calder
Michael Rispoli
Gator Harris
John Carroll Lynch
Stan Olber
Marcello Thedford
Laurie Lathem
Bert Kramer
L.A. Fire Chief
Bo Eason
Bud McVie
James MacDonald
Terry Jasper
Dayton Callie
Roger Lapher
Michael Cutt
Kevin Bourland
Bob Davis
Valente Rodriguez
Train Driver
Gerry Black
Train Passenger
Susie Essman
Lou Myers
Pastor Lake
Gareth Williams
Juan Gabriel Reynoso
Angela Albarez
Lydia Perez
Richard Penn
Middle Aged Man
Jennifer Estlin
Nurse Fran
Mickey Cottrell
Councilman Gates
Darnell Suttles
Chief Sindelar
Ken Kerman
Museum Guard
Sal Rendino
Storm Drain Worker #1
Michael Manuel
Storm Drain Worker #2
Jared Thorne
Taylor Thorne
Richard Schiff
Brad Parker
Ken Woods
Pete Kasper
Kenny Lopez
Brian Markinson
O.E.M. Staffer #1
Robert Wisdom
O.E.M. Staffer #2
Katie Rich
O.E.M. Staffer #3
Ceal Coleman
O.E.M. Staffer #4
Phil Nee
O.E.M. Staffer #5
Carlos Cervantes
O.E.M. Staffer #6
George Zaver
O.E.M. Staffer #7
Marty Levy
O.E.M. Staffer #8
Wayne Grace
O.E.M. Staffer #9
John Bishop
Paramedic #1
Marcia del Mar
Kitchen Worker
Mother Love
Traffic Cop
Kayli DeGregorio
Triage 7-Year-Old
Kelsi DeGregorio
Triage 7-Year-Old
Steven Maines
K-Rail Driver
Josie Dapar
Survivor #1
Joy Baggish
Survivor #2
Todd Sible
Joshua Fardon
Catherine Schreiber
Displeased Protestor
David Pressman
Second Protestor
Danny Comden
Ascending Cop
Michole White
E.R. Nurse #1
Steve MacLaughlin
Construction Supervisor
Howard DuVall
Engineer #1
Sam Alejan
Engineer #2
Gary Kent James
Engineer #3
Robert Tittor
Engineer #4
John Perry Edson
Engineer #5
David T. Mabowe
Engineer #6
Ken Thomas
Engineer #7
Eddie J. Low
Engineer #8
Georganna Barry
Java Lady
Tom Crabson
Passenger on Train
Rick Rogers
Sergeant Riley
Harvey Levin
The Media (Himself)
Shepard Smith
The Media (Himself)
Larry Carroll
The Media (Himself)
Christopher Spinder
The Media (Himself)
Penny Griego
The Media (Herself)
Kerry Kilbride
The Media (Himself)
Jennifer Bjorklund
The Media (Herself)
Angie Crouch
The Media (Herself)
Rick Garcia
The Media (Himself)
Frank Buckley
The Media (Himself)
Peter Trunk
The Media (Himself)
Steve Edwards
The Media (Himself)
Terry Anzur
The Media (Herself)
Sasha Foo
The Media (Herself)
Lonnie Lardner
The Media (Herself)
Chris Myers
The Media (Himself)
Michael Villani
The Media (Himself)
Pat Lalama
The Media (Herself)
Charles Perez
The Media (Himself)
Paula Bond
The Media (Herself)
Teresa Quevedo-Stoll
The Media (Herself)
Sandra Clark
The Media (Herself)
Leo Quinones
The Media (Himself)
Rich Goldner
The Media (Himself)
Alina Recasens
The Media (Herself)
Juan Carlos González
The Media (Himself)
James Scott Hodson
The Media (Himself)
Jere Laird
The Media (Himself)
Sergio Urquidi
The Media (Himself)
Luann Lee
The Media (Herself)
Jane Velez-Mitchell
The Media (Herself)
Dorothy Lucey
The Media (Herself)
Jillian Barberie
The Media (Herself)
Chris McWatt
The Media (Himself)
Jane Wells
The Media (Herself)
Jean Martirez
The Media (Herself)
Karl T. Wright
The Media (Himself)
Al Naipo
The Media (Himself)
Andrea Wynn
The Media (Herself)
Warren Olney
The Media (Himself)
Takayuki Yamauchi
The Media (Himself)
Bruce R. Orchid
The Media (Himself)
Pina De Rosa
Hard Rock Cafe Cop (uncredited)
Scott McKinley
Fireman (uncredited)
John Ward Nielsen
Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)


John Agalsoff Jr.
video assist operator
Gregory Alpert
location manager: second unit
Jennifer Bell
camera loader
Mike Benson
camera operator: second unit
Bobbin Bergstrom
medical technical advisor
Bobby Brown
first assistant steadicam operator
Bobby Brown
first assistant camera: "b" camera
A. Anthony Cappello
first assistant camera
Alessandra Carlino
adr voice
John L. Chaldu
minature/pyro effects technician
Jim Davidson
production accountant
Steve Dayan
location manager
William M. DeLuca
Paul A. Edwards
camera operator
Kevin Feige
assistant: Lauren Shuler Donner
Gian Ganziano
video technician: Vifx/Video Image
J. Armin Garza II
driver: camera car
Karen Golden
script supervisor
Dylan M. Gross
aerial camera
Marc A. Hammer
assistant: Andrew Z. Davis
Grady Holder
laboratory technician
John A. Johnston
assistant location manager
Tony Kerum
Rich King
extras casting
Stephen A. Kornacki
assistant production coordinator
Kevin LaRosa
aerial coordinator
Moshe Levin
additional camera operator
Philip Maldonado
Michael Matzdorff
assistant editor: avid
Michael L. May
camera operator
Katie McCaffrey
casting assistant
Jason D. McGatlin
production coordinator
Roger Meilink
rigging gaffer
Jill Naumann
assistant location manager
Cindy Nevins
payroll accountant
Randy Nolen
camera operator
Brian S. Osmond
2nd asst. camera
Ron Peterson
additional 2nd asst. camera: second unit
Conrad Pope
David Rennie
assistant editor
Carmen Roderique
Construction Accountant
Rick Sander
technical director
John R. Saunders
production assistant
Lorey Sebastian
still photographer
Robert Sharman
video playback
Kristian Sorensen
military coordinator
Ricki L. Stein
financial consultant
Paul Taylor
steadicam operator
Neil Toussaint
2nd asst. camera
Daniel L. Turrett
additional camera operator
Steven J. Winslow
assistant camera: Wescam
Steven J. Winslow
camera technician

Special Effects:

Digital Magic Company
Light Matters Inc.
Pixel Envy
POP Film
Video Image

Miscellaneous Companies:

Carpenter Camera Cars
camera cars
Skywalker Sound
post-production sound services
Stirber Visual Effects Network Inc.
action miniatures
Video Image
computer and video displays

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

$90,000,000 (USA)
Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Color Info:
Color (DeLuxe)
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm
Film Length:
2925 m


  • [Museum personnel are moving paintings from a threatened museum.]
    1st. Guard: Man, this Hieronymus Bosch stuff is heavy!
    2nd. Guard: That's because it deals with man's inclination towards sin, and defiance of God's will.
    1st. Guard: That's not what kind of heavy I was talking about.
  • [His phone rings]
    Roark: That'll be my little girl wanting a tattoo.
  • Roark: We're going to put as many people in front of it as it takes. Listen up, people! Let me tell you what's south of us: no more department stores, no more museums, just homes! People! If we turn and run, they're going to be defenseless! You don't like my plan? That's good. Give me a better one, but don't tell me we're backing out!
  • Amy: Sometimes this can form a fissure and magma can find its way up to the surface.
    Roark: Magma?
    Rachel: Lava.
    Roark: There a history of this happening in the downtown area?
    Amy: Well, to---
    Rachel: Paricutin.
    Roark: What?
    Rachel: Mexico, 1943. Farmer notices smoke coming from the middle of his cornfield. A month later there's a volcano over a thousand feet high. There's no history of anything until it happens. Then there is.
  • Emmet: The Chief says you're not in Kansas anymore.
    Roark: St. Louis! I'm from St. Louis.
    Emmet: [into phone] He's not in St. Louis anymore, sir.


  • The ash was made mostly of ground newspaper.
  • The lava was primarily made of methylcellulose, the thickening agent used in fast-food milkshakes.

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