Twilight Zone: The Movie
( Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller )

Twilight Zone: The Movie Poster

US Runtime: 120 min

Premiere Date:
Jun 24, 1983   [USA]
Directors: John Landis   [prologue & segment 1]
Steven Spielberg   [segment 2]
Joe Dante   [segment 3]
George Miller   [segment 4]
Writers: Rod Serling   [television series The Twilight Zone]
John Landis   [prologue]
John Landis   [segment 1]
George Clayton Johnson   [segment 2 / screenplay Kick the Can]
George Clayton Johnson   [segment 2]
Richard Matheson   [segment 2]
Melissa Mathison   [segment 2]
Jerome Bixby   [segment 3 / story It's a Good Life]
Rod Serling   [segment 3 / screenplay It's a Good Life]
Richard Matheson   [segment 3]
Richard Matheson   [segment 4 / short story Nightmare at 20,000 Feet]
Richard Matheson   [segment 4 / screenplay Nightmare at 20,000 Feet]
Richard Matheson   [segment 4]
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography: Allen Daviau   [segments 2 & 4]
Stevan Larner   [prologue & segment 1]
Edited by: Michael Kahn   [segment 2]
Tina Hirsch   [segment 3]
Howard E. Smith
Production Design: James D. Bissell


Dan Aykroyd
Passenger/Ambulance Driver (Prologue/Segment #4)
Albert Brooks
Car Driver (Prologue)
Vic Morrow
Bill Connor (Segment #1)
Charles Hallahan
Ray (Segment #1)
Rainer Peets
German Officer (Segment #1)
Kai Wulff
German Officer (Segment #1)
Sue Dugan
Waitress No. 1 (Segment #1)
Debby Porter
Waitress No. 2 (Segment #1)
Steven Williams
Bar Patron (Segment #1)
Annette Claudier
French Monther (Segment #1)
Joseph Hieu
Vietnamese (Segment #1)
Al Leong
Vietnamese (Segment #1)
Stephen Bishop
Charming G.I. (Segment #1)
Thomas Byrd
G.I. (Segment #1)
Vincent J. Isaac
G.I. (Segment #1)
William B. Taylor
G.I. (Segment #1)
Domingo Ambriz
G.I. (Segment #1)
Eddy Donno
K.K.K. (Segment #1)
Michael Milgrom
K.K.K. (Segment #1)
John Larroquette
K.K.K. (Segment #1)
Norbert Weisser
Soldier No. 1 (Segment #1)
Scatman Crothers
Mr. Bloom (Segment #2)
Bill Quinn
Mr. Leo Conroy (Segment#2)
Selma Diamond
Mrs. Weinstein (Segment #2)
Helen Shaw
Mrs. Dempsey (Segment #2)
Murray Matheson
Mr. Agee (Segment #2)
Peter Brocco
Mr. Mute (Segment #2)
Priscilla Pointer
Miss Cox (Segment #2)
Scott Nemes
Young Mr. Weinstein (Segment #2)
Tanya Fenmore
Young Mrs. Weinstein (Segment #2)
Evan Richards
Young Mr. Agee (Segment #2)
Laura Mooney
Young Mrs. Dempsey (Segment #2)
Christopher Eisenmann
Young Mr. Mute (Segment #2)
Richard Swingler
Mr. Gray Panther (Segment #2)
Alan Haufrect
Mr. Conroy's Son (Segment #2)
Cheryl Socher
Mr. Conroy's Daughter-in-Law (Segment #2)
Elsa Raven
Nurse No. 2 (Segment #2)
Kathleen Quinlan
Helen Foley(School Teacher)(Segment#3)
Jeremy Licht
Anthony (Segment #3)
Patricia Barry
Mother (Segment #3)
William Schallert
Father (Segment #3)
Nancy Cartwright
Ethel (Segment #3)
Dick Miller
Walter Paisley(Diner Owner)(Segment#3)
Cherie Currie
Sara (Segment #3)
Bill Mumy
Tim (Segment #3)
Jeffrey Bannister
Charlie(Diner Patron)(Segment#3)
John Lithgow
John Valentine (Segment #4)
Abbe Lane
Sr. Stewardess (Segment #4)
Donna Dixon
Jr. Stewardess (Segment #4)
John Dennis Johnston
Co-Pilot (Segment #4)
Larry Cedar
Creature (Segment #4)
Charles Knapp
Sky Marshal (Segment #4)
Byron McFarland
Pilot Announcement (Segment #4)
Christina Nigra
Little Girl (Segment #4)
Lana Schwab
Mother (Segment #4)
Margaret Wheeler
Old Woman (Segment #4)
Eduard Franz
Old Man (Segment #4)
Margaret Fitzgerald
Young Girl (Segment #4)
Jeffrey Weissman
Young Man (Segment #4)
Jeffrey Lampert
Mechanic No. 1 (Segment #4)
Frank Toth
Mechanic No. 2 (Segment #4)
Carol Serling
Passenger (Segment #4)
Burgess Meredith

Special Effects:

Dream Quest Images
matte paintings
Effects Associates Ltd.
visual effects
Visual Concept Engineering (VCE)
visual effects

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

$10,000,000 (USA)
Panaflex Cameras and Lenses by Panavision
Color Info:
Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm

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