Jack Deth Is Back... And He's Never Even Been Here Before!
( Action / Sci-Fi )

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US Runtime: 76 min

Director: Charles Band
Writers: Paul De Meo
Danny Bilson
Producers: Charles Band   [Producer]
Debra Dion   [Associate Producer]
Cinematography: Mac Ahlberg
Edited by: Ted Nicolaou
Production Companys: Altar Productions
Empire Pictures
Lexyn Productions


Tim Thomerson
Jack Deth
Michael Stefani
Martin Whistler
Art LaFleur
Telma Hopkins
Engineer Raines
Richard Herd
Chairman Spencer
Anne Seymour
Chairman Ashe
Miguel Fernandez
Officer Lopez
Biff Manard
Hap Ashby
Peter Schrum
Murray (Santa Claus)
Brad Logan
Minnie Summers Lindsey
Wiley Harker
Dapper Old Man
Alyson Croft
Baby McNulty
Ed McClarty
Jerry the Punk
Don Ross
Security Guard
Michael Heldebrant
Boy with Santa
Steve Jensen
Nicky Beat
Tony Malone
Lantza Krantz


Bill Brame
Assistant Editor
Jill Gurr
Script Supervisor
Suzan Lowitz
Script Supervisor
Peter Manoogian
Executive In Charge Of Production
Ron McCausland
Key Grip

Special Effects:

Mechanical and Makeup Imageries Inc.
special effects make-up

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color (DeLuxe)
DeLuxe / Technicolor


  • Jack Deth: What kind of name is Peter Gunn?
    Lena: What kind of name is Jack Deth?
  • Jack Deth: Dry hair's for squids.

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