The Patriot
Some Things Are Worth Fighting For.
( Action / Drama / War )

The Patriot Poster

US Runtime: 164 min

Premiere Date:
Jun 27, 2000   [USA]
Director: Roland Emmerich
Writer: Robert Rodat   [written by]
Music by John Williams
Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel
Edited by: David Brenner
Production Companys: Centropolis Entertainment
Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Company Medien KG
Mutual Film Company

Special Effects:

Centropolis Effects LLC
visual effects
Das Werk
3D tracking: miniature shoot
Effective GmbH
miniature pyrotechnics
motion capture
Harald Rudiger Filmbauten
rigging and greenscreen
House of Moves Motion Capture Studios
motion capture
MagicMove GmbH
miniature effects
miniature effects
Snow Business International
snow effects
Sparks Filmtechnik GmbH
miniature lighting

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

$110,000,000 (USA)
Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Color Info:
Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Super 35
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm
Shooting Dates:
07 Sep 1999 - 20 Jan 2000

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