Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Nuclear Power. In The Best Hands, It Is Dangerous. In The Hands Of Lex Luther, It Is Pure Evil. This Is Superman's Greatest Battle. And It Is For All Of Us.
( Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi )

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Poster

US Runtime: 90 min

Premiere Date:
Jul 24, 1987   [USA]
Director: Sidney J. Furie
Music by Alexander Courage
John Williams   [themes]
Cinematography: Ernest Day
Production Companys: Cannon Films
Warner Bros.


Alan Barry
best boy
Bob Bremner
Bob Bridges
clapper loader: second unit
Alexander Courage
Maurice Gillett
Godfrey A. Godar
photographer: second unit
David James
still photographer
Michael Kelem
aerial photographer
Martin Kenzie
first assistant camera
Robert MacDonald
casting: USA
David B. Nowell
aerial photographer
Ronnie Wass
Paul Wells
best boy
Marc Wolff
aerial photographer: gyrosphere

Special Effects:

Acme Effects
Art Kellner/ Synoptic
Available Light Limited
Buena Vista Visual Effects
Cinema Research Corporation
Disney Photographic Effects
Hollywood Optical Systems Inc.
Howard Anderson Company, The
Image 3
Jack Zenther & Associates
Lookout Mountain Films
Magidson Films
Olsen, Lane & White
Panther Productions
Praxis Film Works
Ray Mercer & Company
Van der Veer Photo Effects
Visual Concept Engineering (VCE)
Westheimer Company

Miscellaneous Companies:

Aerial Image Opticals
Lee Lighting Ltd.
grip and lighting equipment

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Tech Info:

Color Info:

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