James Bond Is Back In Action! Everything He Touches Turns To Excitement!
( Action / Adventure / Thriller )

Goldfinger Poster

MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 112 min

Premiere Date:
Sep 20, 1964   [UK]
Director: Guy Hamilton
Writers: Ian Fleming   [novel]
Richard Maibaum   [screenplay]
Paul Dehn   [screenplay]
Music by John Barry
Monty Norman   [James Bond theme]
Cinematography: Ted Moore
Edited by: Peter R. Hunt
Production Design: Ken Adam


Sean Connery
James Bond
Honor Blackman
Pussy Galore
Gert Fröbe
Auric Goldfinger
Shirley Eaton
Jill Masterson
Tania Mallet
Tilly Masterson
Harold Sakata
Bernard Lee
Martin Benson
Martin Solo
Cec Linder
Felix Leiter
Lois Maxwell
Miss Moneypenny
Bill Nagy
Michael Mellinger
Peter Cranwell
Nadja Regin
Richard Vernon
Colonel Smithers
Burt Kwouk
Mr. Ling
Desmond Llewelyn
Mai Ling
Varley Thomas
Swiss Gatekeeper
Robert MacLeod
Atomic Specialist
Victor Brooks
Alfred Blacking
Alf Joint
Capungo, Assassin
Marian Collins
Girlfriend of Goldfinger (uncredited)
Garry Marshall
American Gangster (uncredited)
Tricia Muller
Champagne Leader (uncredited)
George Leech
Man in Bulletproof Vest at Q Branch (uncredited)
Maggie Wright
Air Squadron leader (uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson
Soldier (uncredited)
Terence Brook
Security Guard, Southend (uncredited)
Les Tremayne
Radio Newsman voice (uncredited)
Hal Galili
Mr. Strap (uncredited)
Bob Simmons
James Bond in gunbarrel sequence (uncredited)
Anthony Chinn
Servant at Stud Farm (uncredited)
Janette Rowsell
Maid (uncredited)
Michael Collins
Auric Goldfinger voice (uncredited)
Lenny Rabin
Henchman (uncredited)
Denis Cowles
Brunskill (uncredited)
Raymond Young
Sierra (uncredited)

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Tech Info:

$2,500,000 (USA)
Color Info:
Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm
Shooting Dates:
20 Jan 1964 - Aug 1964

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