Body Bags
Zip Yourself In Tight!
( Horror / Sci-Fi )

Body Bags Poster

US Runtime: 91 min

Premiere Date:
Aug 08, 1993   [USA]
Directors: John Carpenter   [segments "Gas Station, The" and "Hair"]
Tobe Hooper   [segment "Eye"]
Music by John Carpenter
Jim Lang
Cinematography: Gary B. Kibbe


John Carpenter
The Coroner (segment "The Morgue")
Tom Arnold
Morgue Worker #1 (segment "The Morgue")
Tobe Hooper
Morgue Worker #2 (segment "The Morgue")
Robert Carradine
Bill (segment "The Gas Station")
Alex Datcher
Anne (segment "The Gas Station")
Peter Jason
Gent (segment "The Gas Station")
Molly Cheek
Divorcee (segment "The Gas Station")
Wes Craven
Pasty Faced Man (segment "The Gas Station")
Sam Raimi
Dead Bill (segment "The Gas Station")
David Naughton
Pete (segment "The Gas Station")
George 'Buck' Flower
Stranger (segment "The Gas Station")
Lucy Boryer
Peggy (segment "The Gas Station")
Roger Rooks
TV Anchorman (segment "The Gas Station")
Stacy Keach
Richard Coberts (segment "Hair")
David Warner
Dr. Lock (segment "Hair")
Sheena Easton
Megan (segment "Hair")
Dan Blom
Dennis (segment "Hair")
Attila (I)
Man with Beautiful Hair (segment "Hair")
Kim Alexis
Woman with Beautiful Hair (segment "Hair")
Gregory Nicotero
Man with Dog (segment "Hair")
Mark Hamill
Brent Matthews (segment "Eye")
John Agar
Dr. Lang (segment "Eye")
Roger Corman
Dr. Bregman (segment "Eye")
Charles Napier
Baseball Team Manager (segment "Eye")
Betty Muramoto
Librarian (segment "Eye")
Bebe Drake
Nurse (segment "Eye")
Sean McClory
Minister (segment "Eye")
Robert Lewis Bush
Man (segment "Eye")
Gregory Alpert
Technician (segment "Eye")
Martine LeBlanc
Zombie Cathy (segment "Eye") (uncredited)

Tech Info:

Aspect Ratio:
1.33 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm

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