Airplane II: The Sequel
Just When You Thought It Safe To Go Back Into The Departure Lounge.
( Comedy / Sci-Fi )

Airplane II: The Sequel Poster

MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 85 min

Premiere Date:
Dec 10, 1982   [USA]
Director: Ken Finkleman
Writer: Ken Finkleman
Music by Richard Hazard
Elmer Bernstein   [Original Music]
Cinematography: Joseph F. Biroc
Edited by: Dennis Virkler


Julie Hagerty
Elaine Dickinson
Lloyd Bridges
Steven McCrosky
Chad Everett
Simon Kurtz
Peter Graves
Capt. Clarence Oveur
Chuck Connors
The Sarge
William Shatner
Cdr. Buck Murdock
Raymond Burr
Judge D.C. Simonton
Stephen Stucker
Controller Jacobs/Court Clerk
Kent McCord
Dave Unger
James A. Watson Jr.
John Dehner
The Commissioner
Rip Torn
Bud Kruger/President Reagan
Sonny Bono
Joe Seluchi
Al White
Craig Berenson
Shaving Man
Laurene Landon
Testa, Shuttle Stewardess
Wendy Phillips
Mary, Shuttle Stewardess
Jack Jones
Lounge Singer
Art Fleming
Jeopardy Host
Frank Ashmore
Controller #3
Richard Jaeckel
Controller #2
Lee Bryant
Mrs. Hammen
John Larch
Prosecuting Attorney
John Hancock
Controller #1
Oliver Robins
Jimmy Wilson
Louis Giambalvo
Sam Anderson
Man in White
Leon Askin
Moscow Anchorman
B.J. Barie
Video Kid
Hilary Beane
Next Woman in Line
Sandahl Bergman
Officer #1
Burke Byrnes
Businessman #2
Ed Call
Information Agent
Michael Currie
Businessman #1
Patty Dworkin
Young Woman
Gary Faga
Mary Farrell
Alice Wilson
Madeleine Fisher
Shuttle Agent
Bruce French
Officer #2
Richard Gilliland
Lt. Pervis
Hugh Gillin
Elisa Goodman
I Love Sanity Nurse
Laurie Hagen
Tad Woman
Maurice Hill
Stock #2
Howard Honig
Dave Walters
Marcy Lafferty
First Woman in Line
Stanley Lawrence
Next Man
David Leisure
Religious Zealot #1
Floyd Levine
Police Lt. Hallick
Steve Levitt
Creature #1
Gail Matthius
Educational Network Woman
Pat McNamara
Businessman #2
Mary Mercier
Edith Walters
Marcus K. Mukai
Tokyo Anchorman
Ann Nelson
Airsick Woman
Steve Nevil
Creature #2
James Noble
Father O'Flanagan
Rick Overton
Lee Patterson
Phoenix Six Captain
David Paymer
Court Photographer
Pamela Guest
Woman with Baby
Barbie Reade
Mary-Robin Redd
Intellectual-Looking Woman
June Sanders
Pat Sajak
Buffalo Anchorman
Louise Sorel
Clint Smith
Sandy Ward
Defense Attorney
Ricky Powell
First Young Man
Hervé Villechaize
Little Breather
Allison Hanes
Third Stewardess
Ronald E. House
Smoking Man
Lee Purcell
Jack Bernardi
Old Man #1
Jim Staahl
International Inquirer Reporter
William Porter
Rag Reporter
John Paragon
'Economy' Flight Attendant
Alison Price
Earl Boen
Doctor (uncredited)
Joyce DeWitt
Juror (uncredited)
Monique Gabrielle
Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Kitten Natividad
Woman in 'Moral Majority' Shirt (uncredited)
Leslie Nielsen
Dr. Rumack (uncredited)
Lou B. Washington
Shuttle Ground Controller (uncredited)
Tom McGreevey
Karl Malden (uncredited)

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Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color (Metrocolor)
Sound Mix:
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Cinematographic Process:
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm

Credits Fun:

  • Worst Boy........Adolph Hitler
  • After the end credits, an ad comes up that reads:

    Coming from Paramount Pictures: Airplane III

    William Shatner, in character as Murdock, comes on after a few seconds and says "That's exactly what they'll be expecting us to do!"
  • Gaffer (What's a Gaffer?)......Larry Gilhooly

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