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Blake's 7 Regular Cast:

as Roj Blake (1978-79)

Paul Darrow
as Kerr Avon

Michael Keating
as Vila Restal


Sally Knyvette
as Jenna Stannis (1978-79)

Jan Chappell
as Cally (1978-80)

David Jackson
as Olag Gan (1978-79)


Josette Simon
as Dayna Mellanby (1980-81)

Steven Pacey
as Captain Del Tarrant (1980-81)

Glynis Barber
as Soolin (1981)


Peter Tuddenham
as Zen/Orac/Slave

Jacqueline Pearce
as Supreme Commander Servalan

Stephen Greif
as Commander Travis (1978)


Brian Croucher
as Commander Travis (1979)


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