The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Bios
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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Regular Cast:

Ashby Adams
as U.S. Attorney Ginger Breakstone

Bruce Campbell
as Brisco County Jr

Julius Carry
as Lord Bowler


Billy Drago
as John Bly

Christian Clemenson
as Socrates Poole

John Astin
as Professor Albert Wickwire


James Greene
as Cartwright

John Pyper-Ferguson
as Pete Hutter

Kelly Rutherford
as Dixie Cousins


Peter Dennis
as Reginald

Richard Herd
as President Cleveland

James Hong
as Lee Pow


Gary Hudson
as Sheriff Aaron Viva

Yvette Nipar
as Ellie

Dan Gerrity
as Jonah Collier


Jeff Phillips
as Whip Morgan


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