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Lost Regular Cast:

Naveen Andrews
as Sayid Jarrah

Nestor Carbonell
as Richard Alpert


Henry Ian Cusick
as Desmond Hume

Jeremy Davies
as Daniel Faraday

Emilie de Ravin
as Claire Littleton


Michael Emerson
as Ben Linus

Jeff Fahey
as Frank Lapidus

Matthew Fox
as Dr. Jack Shephard


Jorge Garcia
as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Maggie Grace
as Shannon Rutherford

Josh Holloway
as James "Sawyer" Ford


Malcolm David Kelley
as Walt Lloyd

Daniel Dae Kim
as Jin Soo Kwon

Yunjin Kim
as Sun Hwa Kwon


Ken Leung
as Miles Straume

Evangeline Lilly
as Katherine "Kate" Austen

Rebecca Mader
as Charlotte Lewis


Elizabeth Mitchell
as Juliet Burke

Dominic Monaghan
as Charlie Pace

Terry O'Quinn
as John Locke


Harold Perrineau
as Michael Dawson

Zuleikha Robinson
as Ilana Verdansky

Michelle Rodriguez
as Ana Lucia Cortez


Kiele Sanchez
as Nikki Fernandez

Rodrigo Santoro
as Paulo

Ian Somerhalder
as Boone Carlyle


Cynthia Watros
as Libby Smith


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