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Survivors Regular Cast:

Carolyn Seymour
as Abby Grant (1975)

Stephen Dudley
as John Millon

Lucy Fleming
as Jenny Richards


Denis Lill
as Charles Vaughan

Ian McCulloch
as Greg Preston

as Sally (1976)


as Melanie (1976)

as Agnes (1976)

as Lizzie Willoughby (1977)


as Wendy (1975)

John Abineri
as Hubert Marks (1976-1977)

William Dysart
as Alec Campbell (1977)


Gigi Gatti
as Daniella Wilders (1976)

Michael Gover
as Arthur Russell (1975-1976)

Celia Gregory
as Ruth Anderson (1976)


John Hallet
as Barney (1975)

Eileen Helsby
as Charmian Wentworth (1975)

Lorna Lewis
as Pet Simpson (1976-1977)


Anna Pitt
as Agnes (1977)

Hana Maria Pravda
as Emma Cohen (1975)

Tanya Ronder
as Lizzie Willoughby (1975-1976)


Gordon Salkilld
as Jack Christensen (1976-1977)

Terry Scully
as Vic Thatcher (1975)

Stephen Tate
as Alan (1976)


Talfryn Thomas
as Tom Price (1975)

Chris Tranchell
as Paul Pitman (1975-1976)

Hugh Walters
as Vic Thatcher (1975)



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