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Due South Regular Cast:

Paul Gross
as Constable Benton Fraser

David Marciano
as Ray Vecchio

Callum Keith Rennie
as Det. Stanley Raymond Kowalski


as Diefenbaker

Beau Starr
as Harding Welsh

Catherine Bruhier
as Elaine Besbriss


as Louis Gardino

Tony Craig
as Jack Huey

Tom Melissis
as Thomas E. Dewey


Ramona Milano
as Francesca Vecchio

Camilla Scott
as Margaret Thatcher

Anne Marie Loder
as Stella Kowalski


Dean McDermott
as Constable Renfield Turnbull

Gordon Pinsent
as Robert Fraser

Jan Rubes
as Dr. Mort Gustafson


Tony Craig
as Detective Jack Huey

Daniel Kash
as Detective Louis Gardino

David Marciano
as Detective Raymond Vecchio


Tom Melissis
as Detective Thomas E. Dewey

Gordon Pinsent
as Sergeant Bob Fraser

Callum Keith Rennie
as Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski


Camilla Scott
as Constable Margaret Thatcher

Beau Starr
as Lieutenant Harding Welsh


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