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English Cheese Assortment - 1.5 Pound Image
English Cheese Assortment - 1.5 Pound

England is a land well suited to dairy farming. Its territory is relatively flat, thus good for grazing, and it has plenty of rainfall. This country produces over 500 distinct types of cheese, including the three we are featuring in this English Cheese Assortment.
  • Coombe Farm Cheddar - Arguably the world's most famous cheese name, Cheddar is an authentic English cheese that has been copied all over the world. If you have never tasted authentic English Farmhouse Cheddar, you are in for a wonderful surprise.
  • Royal Blue Stilton - How could such an assortment not include England's beloved blue cheese? Creamy, tangy and eminently satisfying, our Royal Blue Stilton is perfect as a snacking cheese or as an ingredient.
  • Sage Derby - Don't be afraid of the green! Pulverized sage leaves are mixed with water then added to the curd of Derby cheese to create this striking example of English cheesemaking ingenuity. Mild and herbaceous, Sage Derby is the ultimate party cheese.
Assortment includes three 1/2 pound cuts of cheese.

Huntsman - 1 Pound Image
Huntsman - 1 Pound

Huntsman is the marriage of two delicious British classics; Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton, brought together through a complex layering process. Creamy, forceful Stilton is sandwiched between an exterior of mellow, satiny Double Gloucester. The result is an excellent flavor combination that is as delicious as it is beautiful. While some purists may turn their noses up at modern creations like Huntsman, one taste led us to appreciate this English application of technology and innovation.
  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Imported from England
  • Striking presentation
  • Mild, tempered blue flavor
  • Perfect for snacking
  • great at parties

Italian Cheese Sampler - 2 Pound Image
Italian Cheese Sampler - 2 Pound

This sampler features four cheeses that are typical of four distinct regions of Italy:
  • Toma Piedmontese - Made in the Piedmont region of course, this cheese is surface ripened, meaning it ripens from the rind inward. Toma is a delectable mountain cheese that has a thin rind, a custard-like texture, small pores and a sweet lactic flavor with a gentle bite.
  • Piave Vecchio - Similar to Asiago, Piave Vecchio (aged) is a firm, dry, slightly nutty cheese from the valleys of Northeastern Italy.
  • Mountain Gorgonzola - Italy's famous blue cheese comes from Lombardy. Made from cow's milk taken from local herds that graze on beautiful rolling pastures, no Italian Cheese Assortment would be complete without a cut of authentic Gorgonzola.
  • Pecorino Toscano - This soft, sheep's milk cheese is made in the hills of Tuscany. It is young, sweet and springy. We find that this combination well represents the wide variety of flavors and textures found in Italian cheeses.
This assortment includes four 1/2 pound cuts.

Maytag Blue - 1 Pound Image
Maytag Dairy
Maytag Blue - 1 Pound

Nestled in among the rolling hills of central Iowa is the Maytag appliance factory. Down the road and around the corner is the Maytag Dairy, which produces Maytag Blue cheese, among other, lesser-known cheeses. Yes, the two are related. Fritz Maytag, son of the founder of the Maytag washing machine company, decided he wanted to make his own entrepreneurial mark on the world. Shortly before World War II, he began working with scientists at Iowa State University to begin making a great American blue cheese, modeled after those of Europe. The result was one of the first American farmstead cheeses of superior quality. The dairy is now independent of the appliance company and collects milk from a local dairy cooperative, rather than raising its own cows. Maytag cheese makers, however, are still hand making the same cheese that they created in the 1930's. Maytag Blue's popularity has taken off with the growing interest in American farmstead cheeses, and this wonderful, tangy blue cheese is now featured on menus across the country. Its wonderful flavor, moist yet crumbly texture, and lemony finish make Maytag one of the world's great blue cheeses.

Parmigiano Reggiano - 1 Pound Image
Parmigiano Reggiano - 1 Pound

The Italians are horrified by our usage of this, the world's most famous hard cheese. Thought of here in the States as purely a grating cheese, the rest of the world savours Parmigiano-Reggiano as a delicious, full-flavored eating cheese. It began life seven centuries ago in the Italian provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, part of Bologna and part of Mantua. Nature blessed this zone with the most idealistic cattle grazing land to create the unique milk from the "Zone Tripica". The local cheese craftsmen took it from there, utilizing a totally natural process that has not changed for 700 years. No additives, no machinery, no gimmicks... just sweet, fresh milk in its pristine state... then the artisan's ancient skills... and then nature's own good time (aged from 18 to 36 months). What you see today is just what the knights, serfs, saints and kings of old ate! And please, don't compare it to the pre-grated "Parmesan" cheese found in the green can in aisle 4 of the grocery store.
  • Made from raw cow's milk, aged over 18 months.
  • The world's most famous hard cheese
  • Often imitated, never duplicated
  • Quite versatile, serve it grated or chunked
  • Made from unpasteurized milk
  • Imported from Italy

Pub Cheese Assortment - 1.5 Pound Image
Pub Cheese Assortment - 1.5 Pound

We have put together a delightful selection of three cheeses to pair perfectly with beer! When pairing cheese, we often think of wine, but these three cheeses are made for ale. The assortment includes:
  • Cotswold, a cheese from England that is often called "Pub Cheese" in its home country. Flavored with onion and chives, it is the perfect match for any beer.
  • Cahill Farm Cheddar with Porter Ale is a visually intriguing cheese. Mixed with dark porter ale during the cheesemaking process, this cheese has a marbled effect with dark brown veins. Imported from Ireland, it has a surprising meaty flavor and is obviously a perfect match for ale.
  • Chimay with Beer is so named because this cheese's rind is rubbed with beer during curing. This strong-smelling Belgian monastery cheese has a wonderfully hearty flavor that will make any beer taste better.
This assortment includes a 1/2 pound of each selection.

Spanish Cheese Assortment - 2 Pound Image
Spanish Cheese Assortment - 2 Pound

You sense it immediately - the heady aromas, the intensely fulfilling textures and the vibrant flavors of Spains artisan cheese tradition. Different milks, a diverse terrain, and unique cheesemaking techniques all play a role in the subtle differences in each cheeses color, texture and flavor. We have selected four of our favorites for this sampler:
  • Manchego - Spains most famous cheese, made entirely from pure La Mancha sheeps milk. Manchego is prized for its rich, complex flavor and its satisfyingly grainy texture.
  • Mahon Reserva - This firm, sharp, cows milk cheese comes from the Balearic Island of Menorca in the Mediterranean. This exclusive version has been aged for 12 months, developing a rich tanginess and fragrant aroma.
  • Idiazabal - Smooth, rich and satisfyingly sharp, Idiazabal is a smoked sheep's milk cheese that gives off a warming rustic scent. It is the quintessential cheese of the Basque country in Northern Spain.
  • Murcia al Vino - This 100% goat's milk cheese from Murcia is bathed in red Spanish wine, making this product a wine-and-cheese party all by itself!
This assortment includes four 1/2 pound cuts.

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