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Nonpersonalized Irish Pub Glasses (Set of 4) Image
Nonpersonalized Irish Pub Glasses (Set of 4)

Irish Pint Glasses welcome guests to a pub 'where everyone is a bit Irish.' These 20-oz. glasses are imprinted with 'Mulligan’s Pub'. Set of 4. Hand wash. Made in USA.

Single Malt Scotch Glasses, Set of 6 Image
Riedel Vinum
Single Malt Scotch Glasses, Set of 6

If you tend to echo the words of actor Joe Don Baker in Mitchell--when asked, "How do you like your Scotch?" he replied, "By the quart"--then the Riedel Vinum series single malt whiskey glass may not be your cup of Teaninich. Not so for fans of small-batch Bourbons and other nonblended whiskies: with its flared lip and wide tulip-shaped bowl atop the circular base, this vessel is designed to direct its contents to flavor-friendly areas of the mouth and nose. The underlying theory of all Riedel stemware states that the tongue is divided into four zones, each recognizing either sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, or acidity; by changing the size and shape of the glass, Riedel can accentuate wine's and spirits' positives while mitigating negatives. Unlike the traditional brandy snifter, which concentrates the alcoholic vapors and burns out the shnoz, the lip of the single malt glass disperses them, allowing you to enjoy the subtleties, whether your drink be Speyburn or sour mash.
  • Designed specially for premium Scotch, Irish, and Tennessee whiskeys
  • Machine-made of 24% lead crystal
  • Affordable second-tier from a prestigious name in wine-friendly stemware
  • Made in Austria
  • Hand washing preferred

Traditional Pint Glasses (Set of 6) Image
Traditional Pint Glasses (Set of 6)

Take a trip to the pub with your next pint. These authentic pub glasses boast an official government stamp guaranteeing that each holds a full pint. Dishwasher safe.

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