The Return of the Living Dead
They're Back From The Grave and Ready To Party!
( Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi )

The Return of the Living Dead Poster

US Runtime: 91 min

Premiere Date:
Aug 16, 1985   [USA]
Writers: Rudy Ricci   [story]
John A. Russo   [story]
Russell Streiner   [story]
Producers: John Daly   [Executive Producer]
Tom Fox   [Producer]
Derek Gibson   [Executive Producer]
Music by Matt Clifford
Robert Randles   [additional music]
Edited by: Robert Gordon
Production Companys: Cinema 84
Hemdale Film Corporation


Clu Gulager
Burt Wilson
James Karen
Don Calfa
Ernie Kaltenbrunner
Thom Mathews
John Philbin
Jewel Shepard
Miguel A. Núñez Jr.
Brian Peck
Linnea Quigley
Mark Venturini
Jonathan Terry
Col. Horace Glover
Cathleen Cordell
Ethel Glover
Drew Deighan
Paramedic #1
James Dalesandro
Paramedic #2
John Durbin
Radio Corpse #1
David Bond
Radio Corpse #2
Bob Libman
Squad Captain
John Stuart West
Foot Cop #1
Michael Crabtree
Foot Cop #2
Ed Krieger
Foot Cop #3
Robert Craighead
Cop #1
Paul Cloud
Cop #2
Derrick Brice
Sgt. Jefferson
Leigh Drake
Allan Trautman
Robert J. Bennett
Headless Tarman
Jerome ’Daniels’ Coleman
Legless Corpse
Cherry Davis
1/2 Woman Corpse
William Stout
Bum (uncredited)
Leslee Bremmer


Robert L. Blatman
assistant camera
Craig Caton
creature crew
Andreas Crawford
best boy grip
Robert Randles
musical advisor

Special Effects:

Fantasy II Film Effects
Makeup Effects Laboratories Inc.
Wizards Inc.

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Color Info:
Color (DeLuxe)
Cinematographic Process:
Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), Hollywood (CA), USA
DeLuxe, USA - prints
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm


  • Suicide: You think this is a f**kin' costume? This is a *way of life!*
  • Burt Wilson: I thought you said that if we destroyed the brain, it would die.
    Frank: It worked in the movie!
    Burt Wilson: Well it ain't working now Frank.
    Freddy: You mean the movie lied?
  • Spider: What do you want to do Scuz, turn over gravestones?
    Scuz: No I just want to look around the graveyard I never seen one before.
    Spider: you never been to a funeral?
    Scuz: I never knew anyone that died.
  • Trash: Have you ever fantasized about being killed?
  • Paramedic #1: You have no pulse, your blood pressure's zero-over-zero, you have no papillary response, no reflexes and your temperature is 70 degrees.
    Freddy: Well, what does that mean?
    Paramedic #1: Well, it's a puzzle because, technically, you're not alive. Except you're conscious, so we don't know what it means.
    Freddy: Are you saying we're dead?
    Paramedic #2: Well, let's not jump to conclusions.
    Freddy: Are you saying we're dead?!
    Paramedic #2: No conclusions.
    Paramedic #1: Obviously I didn't mean you were really dead. Dead people don't move around and talk.


  • The nuclear cannon at the end of the film was actually a WWII German Howitzer.
  • Jewel Shepard originally took the role of "Trash", but declined the part after she found out what the wardrobe (or lack there of!) consisted of, So the role was assumed by Linnea Quigley, who became a B-Flick "Scream Queen" mostly because of this movie.
  • The eye-test poster (seen most clearly after Frank and Freddy run into Burt's office after hearing the first re-animated cadaver) in Burt's office actually reads "Burt is a slave driver" if you put the letters together.
  • Dan O'Bannon purposely named the Burt (Clu Gulager) and Ernie (Don Calfa) characters after the Sesame Street characters of the same name.
  • Tobe Hooper was originally slated to direct and it was supposed to be filmed in 3-D.

Credits Fun:

  • The credits play over scenes of the movie that involve Frank and Freddy.

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