Day of the Dead
First there was NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD then DAWN of the DEAD and now the darkest day of horror the
( Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller )

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MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 102 min

Premiere Date:
Jul 03, 1985   [USA]
Producers: David Ball   [Co-Producer]
Salah M. Hassanein   [Executive Producer]
Ed Lammi   [Associate Producer]
Richard P. Rubinstein   [Producer]
Music by John Harrison
Cinematography: Michael Gornick
Edited by: Pasquale Buba
Production Design:
Costume Design: Barbara Anderson
Production Companys: Dead Films Inc.
Laurel Communications


Lori Cardille
Terry Alexander
Joseph Pilato
Captain Rhodes
Jarlath Conroy
William McDermott
Anthony Dileo Jr.
Pvt. Miguel Salazar
Richard Liberty
Dr. Logan
Sherman Howard
Bub the Zombie
Gary Howard Klar
Pvt. Steel
Ralph Marrero
Pvt. Rickles
John Amplas
Dr. Ted Fisher
Phillip G. Kellams
Pvt. Miller
Taso N. Stavrakis
Pvt. Torrez
Gregory Nicotero
Pvt. Johnson
Don Brockett
Featured Zombie
William Cameron
Featured Zombie
Deborah Carter
Featured Zombie
Winnie Flynn
Featured Zombie
Debra Gordon
Featured Zombie
Barbara Holmes
Featured Zombie
David Kindlon
Featured Zombie
Bruce Kirkpatrick
Featured Zombie
William Andrew Laczko
Featured Zombie
Susan Martinelli
Featured Zombie
Kim Maxwell
Featured Zombie
Barbara Russell
Featured Zombie
Gene A. Saraceni
Featured Zombie
John Schwartz
Featured Zombie
Mark Tierno
Featured Zombie
Mike Trcic
Featured Zombie
John Vulich
Featured Zombie
Donald Farmer
Underground Zombie (uncredited)
Robert Martin
Zombie (uncredited)
Daniel Krell
Zombie (uncredited)
Peter Iasillo Jr.
Elevator Zombie (uncredited)


Ernest R. Dickerson
camera operator: second unit
Gregory Nicotero
assistant to Tom Savini

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Sound Mix:
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1


  • Sarah: You're incapable of exciting me Steel except as an anthropological curiosity.
  • Dr. Logan: They are us.
  • Rhodes: You want me to salute that pile of walking pus? Salute my ass!
  • John: I got an alternative, yeah, yeah, I got an alternative. Let's get in that old whirly-bird, find us an island some place, get juiced up and spend what time we got left soakin' up some sunshine! How's that?
    Sarah: You could do that, couldn't you? With all thats going on, you could just do that without a second thought?
    John: S**t, I could do that even if all this *wasn't* going on!
  • Sarah: Maybe if we tried working together we could ease some of the tensions. We're all pulling in different directions.
    John: That's the trouble with the world, Sarah darlin'. People got different ideas concernin' what they want out of life.


  • The original script, for which George A. Romero couldn't get budget for, involved the scientists living over-ground in a fortress protected by electrified fences and the military living safely underground. It also involved a small army of trained zombies, and the conclusion to the trilogy more brutal than the current version.
  • Director George A. Romero makes a cameo as a zombie pushing a cart in the foreground during the final zombie feast, seen from the waist down and identified by his trademark plaid scarf wrapped around his waist.
  • Real pig intestines were used for the scene when Rhodes gets ripped apart in the hallway. Unfortunately, someone had left the guts out of the freezer over the weekend, and after the scene was shot the cast and crew ran away gagging.
  • George A. Romero had originally planned for all the zombies to perish in a massive explosion when they stumbled across explosive chemicals in the laboratory. Meanwhile, one of the crew members who had died during the attack was to have stayed dead and not come back as a zombie, thereby giving hope to the survivors.
  • The book Dr. Logan gives to Bub is Stephen King's Salem's Lot

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