Night of the Living Dead
There IS a fate worse than death
( Horror )

Night of the Living Dead Poster

US Runtime: 88 min

Premiere Date:
Oct 19, 1990   [USA]
Director: Tom Savini
Writer: John A. Russo   [1968 screenplay]
Producers: Declan Baldwin   [Line Producer]
Christine Forrest   [Associate Producer]
Menahem Golan   [Executive Producer]
George A. Romero   [Executive Producer]
John A. Russo   [Producer]
Music by Paul McCollough
Cinematography: Frank Prinzi
Edited by: Tom Dubensky
Production Design:
Costume Design: Barbara Anderson
Production Companys: 21st Century Film Corporation
Columbia Pictures Corporation


Tony Todd
Patricia Tallman
Tom Towles
Harry Cooper
McKee Anderson
Helen Cooper
William Butler
Heather Mazur
Sarah Cooper
David W. Butler
Zachary Mott
Pat Reese
The Mourner
William Cameron
The Newsman
Pat Logan
Uncle Rege
Berle Ellis
Flaming Zombie
Bill ´Chilly Billy´ Cardille
T.V. Interviewer
Greg Funk
Cemetery Zombie
Tim Carrier
Autopsy Zombie
John Hamilton
Crowbar Zombie
Dyrk Ashton
Truck Zombie
Jordan Berlant
Porch Zombie
Albert Shellhammer
Cousin Satchel
Jay McDowell
Front Door Zombie
Walter Berry
Kendal Kraft
Bob Evans Zombie
Stacie Foster
Doll's Mom Zombie
Charles Crawley
Window Zombie
John D. Bert
Background Vigilante (uncredited)
Tara Rial
Girl in car (uncredited)


Meredith Jacobson
casting: New York
Nancy A. Palmatier
wardrobe supervisor
Wendy Lee Roberts
script supervisor
Thomas Stokes
2nd asst. wardrobe
Stan Sztaba
negative matcher

Special Effects:

Cinema Research Corporation

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color (TVC)
Cinematographic Process:
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm


  • Harry: You can't get any reception in the basement, dickhead!
  • Ben: You're boss down there. I'm boss up here.
  • Barbara: They're us. We're them and they're us.


  • The black man who comes through the window after they throw Macgruder out was a cab driver who Tom Savini took a ride from.
  • The Macgruder zombie was a man that director Tom Savini saw in a diner and told him that he would make a great zombie, the man agreed. He showed up to all of the premieres.
  • The autopsy zombie at the beginning of the film was not in the original script, but was something that was added by Tom Savini.
  • The scene where Barbara shoots the black man in the chest and then finally in the head was not originally going to be in the film. We were supposed to see a hideous female zombie that Barbara saw as her mother and everyone was to tell her to "Shoot it!" and the mother looked at Barbara and asked "Where's Johnny, Barbara" and then their mother turned back into the hideous female zombie and she finally shoots it.
  • The nameplate on the house indicates an "M. Celeste." According to Tom Savini's commentary on the DVD, that's a direct reference to the "Mary Celeste", a ship that was discovered adrift at sea with the passengers and crew missing.


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