I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
Body of a boy! Mind of a monster! Soul of an unearthly thing!
( Horror / Sci-Fi )

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein Poster

MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 74 min

Premiere Date:
Nov 23, 1957   [USA]
Director: Herbert L. Strock
Writers: Herman Cohen
Aben Kandel
Producer: Herman Cohen   [Producer]
Music by Paul Dunlap
Cinematography: Lothrop B. Worth
Edited by: Jerry Young
Production Companys: American International Pictures
Santa Rosa Productions


Whit Bissell
Professor Frankenstein
Phyllis Coates
Robert Burton
Doctor Karlton
Gary Conway
Bob/Teenage Monster
John Cliff
Sergeant McAffee
Marshall Bradford
Doctor Randolph
Claudia Bryar
Arlene's Mother
Angela Blake
First Victim
Russ Whiteman
Doctor Elwood
Charles Seel
Mr. Sexton
Paul Keast
Man at Crash
Gretchen Thomas
Woman in Corridor
Patrick Miller
Police Officer
Joy Stoner
Larry Carr
Young Man


Einar Bourman
wardrobe master

Miscellaneous Companies:

Ryder Sound Services Inc.
sound recording

Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color / B&W


  • Frankenstein: Speak. I know you have a civil tongue in your head because I sewed it back myself.
  • Frankenstein: In this laboratory there is no death until I declare it so.

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