Curse of the Pink Panther
( Comedy / Crime )

Curse of the Pink Panther Poster

MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 109 min

Premiere Date:
Aug 13, 1983   [USA]
Director: Blake Edwards
Writers: Blake Edwards
Geoffrey Edwards
Music by Henry Mancini
Edited by: Robert Hathaway
Ralph E. Winters


Andrew Carr
1st Valencia Policeman
Martin Grace
Bruno's Crony #2
Herb Tanney
Lugash Secret Policeman
Marc Smith
2nd Mafia Boss
Peter Kelly
TV Reporter
Tusse Silberg
Spanish Nurse
Christopher Reich
Gino Rossi
Doug Robinson
Bruno's Crony #3
Joe Praml
5th Mafia Boss
Fred Personne
French Taxi Driver
Joe Morton
Joseph Morton
Undercover Cop
Ed Parker
Mr. Chong
Bill Nighy
ENT Doctor
Weston Gavin
1st Mafia Boss
Emma Walton
Angry Hooker
Peter Arne
Col. Bufoni
Peter Brace
Bruno's Crony #1
Sean Caffrey
Michael John Paliotti
1st Speedboat Man
Diana Goodman
Dreyfus' Girlfriend
John Cassady
3rd Mafia Boss
Jacqueline Spears
Figure In Black
Steve Franken
Michael Elphick
Valencia Police Chief
Gary Whelan
4th Mafia Boss
Margarita García
Latin Woman
Robert Wagner
George Litton
Herbert Lom
Chief Insp. Dreyfus
Lady Litton
Joanna Lumley
Robert Loggia
Harvey Korman
Prof. Balls
Burt Kwouk
Ted Wass
Clifton Sleigh
Leslie Ash
Juleta Shane
Denise Crosby
Bruno's Moll
Graham Stark
Bored Waiter
André Maranne
Pat Corley
Lt. Palmyra (uncredited)
William Abney
Hugo the Houseman (uncredited)
Tim Wylton
Doctor (uncredited)
Lawrence Davidson
President of France (uncredited)
Geoffrey Beevers
Concierge (uncredited)
Hugh Fraser
Dr. Stang (uncredited)
Mollie Maureen
Rich Old Lady (uncredited)
Patrick Murray
Bellboy (uncredited)
Rolf Saxon
2nd Speedboat Man (uncredited)
Danny Schiller
Cunny (uncredited)
Liz Smith
Martha (uncredited)
Harold Kasket
President Of Lugash (uncredited)
Donald Sumpter
Dave (uncredited)
Arthur Howard
Bruno's Butler (uncredited)
William Hootkins
Taxi Driver (uncredited)

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Color Info:
Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix:

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