Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Terror Never Rests In Peace!
( Horror / Thriller )

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Poster

MPAA Rating:
[strong horror violenceā€š and some sexuality]

US Runtime: 88 min

Premiere Date:
Sep 29, 1995   [USA]
Writers: Debra Hill   [characters]
John Carpenter   [characters]
Daniel Farrands   [written by]
Producers: Malek Akkad   [Associate Producer]
Moustapha Akkad   [Executive Producer]
Paul Freeman   [Producer]
Music by Alan Howarth
Paul Rabjohns
Cinematography: Billy Dickson
Edited by: Randy Bricker
Production Companys: Halloween VI Productions
Miramax Films


Donald Pleasence
Dr. Samuel Loomis
Paul Rudd
Tommy Doyle
Marianne Hagan
Kara Strode
Mitch Ryan
Dr. Terrence Wynn
Kim Darby
Debra Strode
Bradford English
John Strode
Keith Bogart
Tim Strode
Leo Geter
Barry Simms
J.C. Brandy
Jamie Lloyd
Devin Gardner
Danny Strode
Susan Swift
George P. Wilbur
Michael Myers
Janice Knickrehm
Mrs. Blankenship
Alan Echeverria
Dr. Bonham
Hildur Ruriks
Dawn Thompson
Sheri Hicks
Lee Ju Chew
Raquelle Anderson
Kristine Summers
College Coed
Elyse Donalson
A. Michael Lerner
Additional Shape
Fred Lerner
Smith's Grove Doctor (uncredited)


Tom Jensen
additional first assistant camera
Duane Manwiller
first assistant camera: "a" camera
Mike Mertens
color timer
Rand Ravich
Robert Andrew Reeves
production assistant

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Cinematographic Process:
Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), Hollywood (CA), USA
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Film Length:
2514 m


  • Dr. Wynn: I'd like you to come back to Smith's Grove.
    Dr. Loomis: Dr. Wynn, you know it is not wise to play Halloween pranks.
  • Kara: Beth, who's that guy that lives across the hall from you?
    Beth: Why? You interested?
    Kara: No. He's always staring out of his window. Last night I caught him watching me.
    Beth: Oh, that must be Tommy. On a weirdness scale from one to ten, he rates about a thirteen. Supposedly some scary s**t happened to him when he was a kid. Messed up his head really bad. He's harmless though. Probably just lonely...
    Tim Strode: ...or horny. Something you haven't felt in a while.
  • Tommy Doyle: Michael's work is not finished in Haddonfield. And soon, very soon, he'll come back.
  • Dr. Loomis: I knew what he was, but I never knew why.
  • John Strode: Enough of this Michael Myers bullshit!


  • Howard Stern was originally cast as newscaster Barry Simms.

Credits Fun:

  • The film is dedicated in memory of Donald Pleasence.

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