Pitch Black
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark. Be Afraid Of What's In The Dark.
( Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller )

Pitch Black Poster

US Runtime: 108 min

Premiere Date:
Feb 18, 2000   [USA]
Director: David Twohy
Writers: Jim Wheat   [story]
Ken Wheat   [story]
Jim Wheat   [screenplay]
Ken Wheat   [screenplay]
David Twohy   [screenplay]
Cinematography: David Eggby   [Pitch Black (2000)]


Vin Diesel
Richard B. Riddick
Radha Mitchell
Carolyn Fry
Cole Hauser
William J. Johns
Keith David
Abu al-Walid, aka Imam
Lewis Fitz-Gerald
Paris P. Ogilvie
Claudia Black
Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery
Rhiana Griffith
John Moore
John 'Zeke' Ezekiel
Simon Burke
Greg Owens
Les Chantery
Sam Sari
Firass Dirani
Ric Anderson
Total Stranger
Vic Wilson
Captain Tom Mitchell

Special Effects:

Double Negative
digital visual effects
Hunter/Gratzner Industries Inc.
miniature effects
John Cox’s Creature Workshop
creature fabrication
The Chandler Group
visual effects miniature photography
The Magic Camera Company
digital visual effects

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Color Info:
Cinematographic Process:
Super 35
Atlab Film Laboratory Service, Sydney, Australia
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm - Kodak
Printed Film Format:
35 mm - anamorphic

Credits Fun:

  • The persons and events in this production are fictitious. No similarity to actual persons or predators, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

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