Halloween II
More Of The Night HE Came Home.
( Horror )

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MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 92 min

Premiere Date:
Oct 30, 1981   [USA]
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Writers: John Carpenter
Debra Hill
Producers: Moustapha Akkad   [Executive Producer]
Barry Bernardi   [Associate Producer]
John Carpenter   [Producer]
Debra Hill   [Producer]
Joseph Wolf   [Executive Producer]
Irwin Yablans   [Executive Producer]
Music by Alan Howarth
Cinematography: Dean Cundey
Edited by: Mark Goldblatt
Skip Schoolnik
Production Companys: Dino De Laurentiis Corp.
Universal Pictures


Jamie Lee Curtis
Laurie Strode
Donald Pleasence
Dr. Samuel 'Sam' Loomis
Charles Cyphers
Sheriff Leigh Brackett
Lance Guest
Jimmy Lloyd
Pamela Susan Shoop
Karen Bailey
Hunter von Leer
Deputy Gary Hunt
Dick Warlock
Michael Myers/Patrolman #3
Leo Rossi
Gloria Gifford
Mrs. Alves
Tawny Moyer
Jill Franco
Ana Alicia
Janet Marshall
Ford Rainey
Dr. Mixter
Nancy Stephens
Marion Chambers
John Zenda
The Marshal
Catherine Bergstrom
WWAR Producer
Alan Haufrect
Robert Mundy
Lucille Benson
Mrs. Elrod
Howard Culver
Doyle Neighbor
Dana Carvey
WWAR Assistant
Billy Warlock
Jonathan Prince
Leigh French
Gary's Mother
Ty Mitchell
Nancy Kyes
Annie Brackett
Pamela McMyler
Pamela Strode
Nichole Drucker
Young Laurie
Ken Smolka
Patrolman #1
Roger Hampton
Patrolman #2
Robin Coleman
Jack Verbois
Bennett 'Ben' Tramer
Tony Moran
Michael Myers (age 21)
Kyle Richards
Lindsey Wallace
Brian Andrews
Tommy Doyle
Anne Bruner
Lance Warlock
Radio-Carrying Teen (uncredited)
Anne-Marie Martin
Darcy (uncredited)


Dic Alexander
Ray Appel
Frances Vega Aubrey
Clyde E. Bryan
first assistant camera
Robert C. Burris
craft service
Kim Gottlieb
still photographer
Bernie Granados
first aid: construction
William Charles Hauer
Bob Hendrix
Laszlo Horvath
Gary Kincaid
Patrice J. Klinger
accounting assistant
Kris Krosskove
dolly grip
James A. Lundin
Terry Marshall
Thomas Marshall
best boy electric
Steve Mathis
Michael D. Ornstein
associate film editor
Nancy Platt Jacoby
executive in charge of production
Don Post
mask maker
Patrick G. Ralston
Kimberly Ray
assistant film editor
Jane Ruhm
wardrobe supervisor
Joe A. Salamdino
Joe Sawyers
Art Schaeffer
production accountant
Dennis E. Shelton
James Shourt
title designer
Mario Simon
Raymond Stella
camera operator
Raymond Stella
panaglide operator
Andy Straub
José Antonio Torres
assistant film editor
Thomas Vilardo
Eddie Lee Voelker
transportation coordinator
Mark Walthour
Ronald Woodward
key grip

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Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color (Metrocolor)
Cinematographic Process:
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1


  • Janet: Bud, why is it every other word you say is either hell or s**t or damn?
    Bud: Sorry, I guess I just f**k up all the time.
  • [After discovering Laurie is Michael's sister]
    Dr. Loomis: [to the Marshall] Turn this car around, now!
    Marshal: I can't do that. I have orders.
    [draws gun and points it at him]
    Dr. Loomis: Well those orders have changed!
    Marshal: Doctor, you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble.
    Dr. Loomis: What is it you guys usually do? Fire a warning shot, right?!
    [Loomis shoots out the window, and the car screeches and turns about.]
  • Bud: Rule number 1, never get involved with a patient. Nurses, that's a different story, but not patients, it never works out.
  • [After Michael disappears]
    Neighbor: What's going on out here?
    Dr. Loomis: Call the police! Tell the sheriff I shot him!
    Neighbor: Who?
    Dr. Loomis: Tell him, he's still on the loose!
    Neighbor: Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight.
    Dr. Loomis: [looks at the blood on his hand] You don't know what DEATH is!
  • Dr. Loomis: I shot him 6 times! I shot him in the heart-but... HE'S NOT HUMAN!


  • Dana Carvey made his movie debut in Halloween II playing an assistant. He can be seen receiving instructions from a blond reporter in front of the Doyle house.
  • Halloween II was originally written to take place in a high rise apartment building. Later in script meetings, however, the setting was changed to Haddonfield Hospital.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis had to wear a wig that matched her original hairstyle for the film.
  • This is the only Halloween film, aside from Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, in which Michael Myers is not referred to as the Bogeyman.
  • This is the only Halloween film to show the morning after the 31st, every other movie ends on Halloween night.

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