This Time It's Hiding In The Most Terrifying Place Of All
( Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller )

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MPAA Rating:

US Runtime: 114 min

Premiere Date:
May 22, 1992   [USA]
Director: David Fincher
Writers: Ronald Shusett   [characters]
Vincent Ward   [story]
David Giler   [screenplay]
Larry Ferguson   [screenplay]
Producers: Ezra Swerdlow   [Executive Producer]
Gordon Carroll   [Producer]
David Giler   [Producer]
Walter Hill   [Producer]
Sigourney Weaver   [Co-Producer]
Music by Elliot Goldenthal
Edited by: Terry Rawlings
Production Companys: 20th Century Fox
Brandywine Productions Ltd.


Sigourney Weaver
Ellen Ripley
Ralph Brown
Christopher John Fields
Holt McCallany
Lance Henriksen
Bishop II
Christopher Fairbank
Carl Chase
Leon Herbert
Vincenzo Nicoli
Pete Postlethwaite
Paul Brennen
Clive Mantle
Peter Guinness
Philip Davis
Niall Buggy
Hi Ching
Company Man
Danielle Edmond
Tom Woodruff Jr.
Lead Alien (uncredited)


Victor Abbene
effects gaffer
Peter Abrahamson
alien creature effects
Gino Acevedo
alien creature effects
David LeRoy Anderson
alien creature effects
Simon Atherton
William D. Barber
camera operator: L.A.
Anthony Allen Barlow
alien creature effects
Paul Beeson
director of photography: second unit
Mike Bienstock
asst. camera: special effects
Dennis Brock
Wally Byatt
camera operator: action sequence unit
Norman Cabrera
alien creature effects
Paul A. Calabria
animal trainer
Julian Caldow
alien creature effects
Gilly Case
location manager
Catherine Chase
second asst. editor
Graham Churchyard
asst. costume designer
Sue Clegg
script supervisor: second unit
Mitchell J. Coughlin
alien creature effects
Mark Coulier
alien creature effects
Tony Cridlin
dolly grip: action sequence unit
Michael Culling
animal handler
Mick Curran
construction transport
Kevin De La Noy
location manager
Sandy DeCrescent
musicians contractor
Elloise Dover
asst.: Mr. Dutton
Robert Elhai
addl. orchestrator
Dave Elsey
alien creature effects
José Fernández
alien creature effects
Rick Fichter
alien puppet photographer
Mike Frift
camera operator: second unit
Scott Giegler
crew: Video Image
H.R. Giger
creature designer
H.R. Giger
original creature designer
Alec Gillis
creature effects
Vince Goddard
gaffer: action sequence unit
Matthias Gohl
music producer
Elliot Goldenthal
Peter Graovac
unit driver
Rhonda C. Gunner
video image
David R. Hardberger
effects camera operator
Barbara Harris
adr voice casting
Bill Hedge
asst. puppeteer
Lil Heyman
asst. to producers
David Hogan
director: action sequence unit
Richard E. Hollander
video image
John Hood
transportation captain: L.A.
Gary Hutchings
dolly grip: second unit
Paul Jenson
negative developer
Joanna Jimenez
second asst. editor
Dave Keen
alien creature effects
Martin Kenzie
first asst. camera
Gary B. Kibbe
addl. photography: L.A. unit
Avi Levy
production accountant: L.A.
Laine Liska
lead puppeteer
Laine Liska
puppet supervisor
Janet Lucas-Wakely
wardrobe asst.
Elliot Lurie
music supervisor
Cathy MacDonald
alien creature effects
Gregory L. McMurry
video image
Dave Middleton
consultant buyer
Nic Milner
steadicam asst.
Dave Moroni
Nic Morris
director of photography: second unit
Thaine Morris
plate photographer
John Morrisey
asst. adr editor
Dave Nelson
alien creature effects
Stephen Norrington
alien creature effects
David Orr
color timer
Bob Penn
still photographer
Nick Penn
second asst. camera: action sequence unit
Kelly J. Quinn
asst. adr editor
Charles Saldana
key grip: L.A.
Mike Scanlan
alien creature effects
Barbara Schock
asst. to Mr. Fincher
Jonathan Sheffer
Richard Simms
asst. to Miss Weaver
Victoria Snow
wardrobe: L.A. unit
Ellen Somers
effects production supervisor
Tony Spratling
director of photography: action sequence unit
Stefan Stankowski
first asst. camera: action sequence unit
Howard Stein
effects editorial supervisor
Craig Talmy
Craig Talmy
Janet Tebrooke
wardrobe supervisor
Norman Tempia
alien creature effects
Chyna Thomson
second asst. camera
Wayne Toth
alien creature effects
Tony Tromp
asst. editor: UK
Patrick Van Auken
effects key grip
Gretchen Van Zeebroeck
production coordinator: L.A.
Chris Warren
video assist technician
John C. Wash
video image
William Webb
prop transport
Larry Weiss
cg animator vifx: video image
Brett B. White
alien puppeteer
Alan Williams
stand-by rigger
N. Brock Winkless IV
alien creature effects
Tom Woodruff Jr.
creature effects
David Worley
camera operator

Special Effects:

Amalgamated Dynamics
Boss Film Studios
Mass. Illusions LLC
Video Image
video medical scan graphics and displays
Wildfire Inc.
UV effects

Miscellaneous Companies:

Busters on Location
Central Casting
extras casting
First Unit Fire & Safety
G.S.E. Ltd.
uk opticals
Michael Samuelson Ligthing
Pacific Title
titles and opticals
Samuelson Alga Cinéma
louma crane
Sunrise Films Inc.
negative cutting

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Color (Eastmancolor)
Cinematographic Process:
Rank Film Laboratories, Denham, UK
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm - Kodak 5296
Printed Film Format:
35 mm / 70 mm


  • Bishop II: Ripley! Think of all we can learn from it! You MUST let me have it! It's a magnificent special!
  • [Ripley gets out of bed naked.]
    Ripley: Are you going to get me some clothes, or should I just go like this?
    Clemens: Given the nature of our indigenous population, I would suggest clothes. None of the men here have seen a woman in years. [under his breath] Neither have I, for that matter.
  • [On why all the prisoners call Aaron "85."]
    David: A couple of us sneaked a look at his personnel file the day he arrived. It's his IQ.
  • Dillon: You're all going to die. The only question is how you check out. Do you wanna go on your feet? Or down on your f**kin' knees... beggin'? Well I ain't much for begging! Nobody ever gave me nothing! So I say f**k that thing! Let's fight it!
  • Ripley: Are you attracted to me?
    Clemens: In what way?
    Ripley: In that way.
    Clemens: You're quite direct.


  • First-time director David Fincher disowned the film, citing constant studio interference and actually walked out of production before editing began.
  • Multiple proposed scripts caused misleading advertising which implied that the movie would be set on Earth. William Gibson also drafted a script in which Ripley spent most of the film in a coma.
  • Sigourney Weaver said she would only shave her head if she got more money.
  • Original script had the alien impregnating a cow, not a dog.
  • Although the alien that hatched from the dog was a rod puppet, early filmed tests used an actual dog in an alien costume.


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