RoboCop 3
Back On Line, Back On Duty.
( Action / Crime / Sci-Fi )

RoboCop 3 Poster

US Runtime: 104 min

Premiere Date:
Jul 07, 1993   [France]
Director: Fred Dekker
Writers: Edward Neumeier   [characters]
Michael Miner   [characters]
Frank Miller   [story]
Frank Miller   [screenplay]
Fred Dekker   [screenplay]
Producers: Patrick Crowley   [Producer]
Jane Bartelme   [Co-Producer]
Andrew G. La Marca   [Associate Producer]
Music by Basil Poledouris
Cinematography: Gary B. Kibbe
Edited by: Bert Lovitt
Production Company: Orion Pictures Corporation


Mario Machado
Casey Wong
Robert John Burke
Jodi Long
Nikko's Mom
John Posey
Nikko's Dad
Rip Torn
Mako (I)
John Castle
Paul McDaggett
S.D. Nemeth
Bibxy Snyder
Edith Ivey
Elderly Woman in Bathrobe
Curtis Taylor
Rehab #1
CCH Pounder
Judson Vaughn
Ken Strong
Rehab Patrol
Stanley Anderson
Stephen Root
Daniel von Bargen
Kenny Raskin
Security Monitor
Blaise Corrigan
Officer at Ordinance Depot
Jeff Garlin
Donut Jerk
Lee Arenberg
Hold-Up Man
Randy Randolph
Cop in Donut Shop
Shane Black
John Nesci
Nancy Allen
Anne Lewis
Robert DoQui
Sergeant Reed
James Lorinz
Upset Driver
Bryan Mercer
Splatterpunk #1
Kenny Jones
Splatterpunk #2
Felton Perry
Bradley Whitford
Doug Yasuda
Kanemitsu's Aide
Bruce Locke
Mark Gowan
Sleazy Lawyer
Thomas R. Boyd
Eddie Billups
Man at Banking Desk
Jill Hennessy
Dr. Marie Lazarus
Gordon Mark
Teckie in Robochamber
Angie Bolling
Ellen Murphy
Graciela Marin
Cop with Body Armor
Michael H. Moss
Unfortunate Rehab
Diane Butler
Woman on Vidphone
Gary Bullock
Gas Station Clerk
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Rebel with Weapons Cart
Beth Burns
Teen Prostitute
Lonnie R. Smith
1st Rehab at Hotel
Tommy Chappelle
Hotel Desk Clerk
Rick Seaman
Rehab Driver
Ron Leggett
Eva LaRue Callahan
Debbie Dix
Alex Van
Rehab in War Room
Kurtwood Smith
Clarence Boddicker (uncredited archive footage)
D. Taylor Loeb
Teenage yuppie (uncredited)


Nick Conti
voice looping: multiple characters
Carol Folgate
assistant editor
Bill Johnson
prosthetic assistant
Peter Kuran
special photographic effects
Kevin Kutchaver
Maida N. Morgan
location manager: second unit
Vincent Prentice
effects crew: Rob Bottin
David Russell
conceptual illustrator
Burton Sharp
adr group coordinator
Phil Tippett
stop motion animation

Special Effects:

Dreamstate Effects
Light Visions
Pacific Data Images (PDI)
Tippett Studio
Visual Concept Engineering (VCE)

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Color Info:
Cinematographic Process:
Du Art Film Laboratories Inc., New York, USA
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm


  • The Japanese characters that scroll up screen in the POV shot as the robot ninjas converge on RoboCop read: "Command; Code bios; Bios system check; RAM check; Biocom interface; Parameter; Memory set; System check; OK."
  • At least two of the characters in Robocop III are based on Frank Miller's own comic-book creations. Otomo, the cyborg samurai, is a nod to his "Ronin" comic about a masterless samurai whose spirit is reanimated with futuristic biotechnology. Bertha Washington, CCH Pounder's freedom fighter in the film, is a reference to Martha Washington, the freedom fighter from Miller's "Give Me Liberty."

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