Scream 2
Someone has taken their love of sequels one step too far.
( Horror / Mystery / Thriller )

Scream 2 Poster

US Runtime: 120 min

Premiere Date:
Dec 12, 1997   [USA]
Director: Wes Craven
Producers: Daniel K. Arredondo   [Associate Producer]
Harvey Weinstein   [Executive Producer]
Bob Weinstein   [Executive Producer]
Andrew Rona   [Co-Executive Producer]
Richard Potter   [Co-Executive Producer]
Julie Plec   [Associate Producer]
Nicholas Mastandrea   [Associate Producer]
Marianne Maddalena   [Producer]
Daniel Lupi   [Co-Producer]
Cathy Konrad   [Producer]
Cary Granat   [Co-Executive Producer]
Chadbyrne R. Dickens   [Associate Producer]
Kevin Williamson   [Executive Producer]
Music by Danny Elfman   ["Cassandra" aria]
Cinematography: Peter Deming
Edited by: Patrick Lussier
Production Companys: Craven-Maddalena Films
Dimension Films
Konrad Pictures
Miramax Films


Neve Campbell
Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox
Gale Weathers
David Arquette
Dwight 'Dewey' Riley
Elise Neal
Hallie McDaniel
Laurie Metcalf
Debbie Salt/Mrs. Debbie Loomis
Liev Schreiber
Cotton Weary
Timothy Olyphant
Mickey Altieri
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Casey Cooper
Jada Pinkett Smith
Maureen Evans
Duane Martin
Joel Jones
Lewis Arquette
Chief Lewis Hartley
Rebecca Gayheart
Sorority Sister Lois
Portia de Rossi
Sorority Sister Murphy
Omar Epps
Phil Stevens
Paulette Patterson
Theatre Usherette
Marisol Nichols
Rasila Schroeder
Screaming Girl in Aisle
Peter Deming
Popcorn Boy
Molly Gross
Theater Girl #1
Rebecca McFarland
Theater Girl #2
Sandy Heddings
Girl in Dorm
Dave Allen Clark
Reporter Outside Theater
Angie Dillard
Reporter #2
John Patrick
Reporter #3
Craig Shoemaker
Film Teacher
Joshua Jackson
Film Class Guy #1
Walter Franks
Film Class Guy #2
Nina Petronzio
Film Class Mopey Girl
Stephanie Belt
Reporter #4
Richard Bruce Doughty
Reporter #5
Cornelia Kiss
Lucy Lin
E.R. Doctor
Philip Pavel
Officer Andrews
Tim Hillman
Captain F. Down
Tori Spelling
Herself/Sidney Prescott in 'Stab'
David Warner
Drama Teacher Gus Gold
Greg Meiss
Adam Shankman
Ghost Dancer
Kris Andersson
Carmen M. Chavez
Erik Hyler
Sebastian Lacause
Lance MacDonald
Sarah Christine Smith
Laurie Sposit
Ryan Lee Swanson
Jack Baun
Tackled Cell Phoner
Corey Parker
Library Boy
Christopher Doyle
Library Guy
Mark Oliver
Reporter #6
Jason Horgan
Fraternity Brother #1
Daniel K. Arredondo
Fraternity Brother #2
John Embry
Fraternity Brother #3
Jennifer Weston
Reporter #7
Shelly Benedict
Reporter #8
Selma Blair
Cici's friend's voice (uncredited)
Lynn McRee
Maureen Roberts-Prescott Photo (uncredited)
Wes Craven
Man at hospital (uncredited)


Waide R. Allen
Pete Anthony
Daniel K. Arredondo
post-production supervisor
Tony Barattini
Gregg Bishop
Michele A. Carmel
production coordinator
Chadbyrne R. Dickens
assistant to producer
Carl V. Dupré
assistant film editor
Barbara Harris
adr voice casting
Tim Hillman
location manager
Brian Kinzey
Jon Kull
Amy Martin
set decoration estimator
Heather-Leigh Owens
filming assistant
Ronit Ravich-Boss
script supervisor
Scott Andrew Ressler
first assistant camera
Chanel Salzer
assistant location manager
Adrian Schmidt
Adam Shankman
Peyton Skelton
Taylor Evan Sparks
Cliff Sperry
dolly grip
Susan Van Apeldoorn
Happy Walters
music supervisor
Rick A. West

Special Effects:

Class ’A’ Special Effects
special effects
Fantasy II Film Effects
K.N.B. Effects Group
special makeup effects
OCS/Freeze Frame/Pixel Magic

Filming Locations: (Now With Clickable Links To Location On Google Maps)


Tech Info:

Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Color Info:
Cinematographic Process:
FotoKem Laboratory, Burbank (CA), USA
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
Film Negative Format:
35 mm
Printed Film Format:
35 mm


  • Gale: So what do you want to do, bonehead? Just sit here and wait to see who drops next?
    Dewey: I don't know. [Gale's phone rings.] Phonehead!
  • Gale: Look, local woman! I know you hold me up as your career template and that it gives you some sort of charge to challenge me, but give it a rest.
  • Mickey: Billy knew it was all about execution.
    Sidney Prescott: Oh yeah? Well, there's one thing you're forgetting about Billy Loomis.
    Mickey: What?
    Sidney Prescott: I f**king killed him!
  • Mickey: It's all about Execution. Execution, Execution, Execution!
  • Gale: Hey, you'd better check your conscience at the door sweetie, we're not here to be loved.


  • Kevin Williamson cameo as Cotton's interviewer on T.V.
  • Liev Schreiber's dog has a cameo in the film. A female co-ed leads him in front of the crowd that goes to investigate after news of Cici's murder.
  • Robert Rodriguez directed the film within a film "Stab". His work is uncredited.
  • The striped sweater of Freddy Krueger can be seen hanging in Sydney's dorm room while she watches Cotton on television.
  • In Scream, Sydney laments that with her luck, she'd be portrayed by Tori Spelling if her story were ever filmed. In Stab, the film-within-a-film in Scream 2, Tori Spelling does in fact play Sydney.

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