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Game Thrones LCG Kings of the Sea Exp Set Rev Ed
Game Thrones LCG Kings of the Sea Exp Set Rev Ed  
 price: 23.96  releaseDate: 2011-05-25
 manufacturer:  upc: 9781616610944
 category: Cards  subcategory: Game of Thrones
 source: Things From Another World  

Kings of the Sea, a deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, has been reprinted in a newly revised edition! While it includes the same exciting cards and the same focus on House Greyjoy, this incarnation of Kings of the Sea features three copies each of its 60 unique cards (but does not include the resin house card that came with the first printing). With the revised edition, players will get a full tournament-legal play set without having to purchase multiple copies of the expansion. Kings of the Sea adds House Greyjoy as another playable faction, with its own particular set of compelling strategies. Strengths native to House Greyjoy include strong Locations in the form of Warships, lots of Stealth and abilities based on unopposed challenges, and deck discard (or 'raiding'). With the revised edition of Kings of the Sea, players have more deckbuilding options than ever before. Board your longships and harness the fury of the Iron Fleet!


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