About ASH: An Insight
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What I Like

Actresses I Would Like To Know (and work with):
Here is a short list of actresses whom I consider to be extremely talented, and extremely beautiful. There are, of course, several talented and beautiful actresses out there, but this is a list of people I find personally attractive (I'd probably start drooling if I met them in real life, just kidding).
Actors I Would Like To Work With:
With my aspiration of working in the Film Industry, preferably in a Directorial and/or Producer role, these are a few of the talented actors I would be extremely honoured to work with some day.
TV Shows I Groove On:
There are a lot of good shows on the tube (both now and in the past) but these are what I consider to be the best.
Movies I Groove On:
Again, there have been a lot of good movies both now and in the past, but these are what I consider to be the best.

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